Christmas Bucket List 2017

Welcome to 12 days of blogmas! I’m going to to be putting up a new post every other day (hopefully!) until the 24th December!

So for my first post I wanted to do a Christmas Bucket List (inspired by the amazing Amie Liane on YouTube and Instagram!) to hopefully give you some ideas for great things to do this festive season!

1) Go Christmas Shopping

I love shopping and I love Christmas so there is definitely nothing better than this. I also think there is nothing better than giving other people a gift you just know they’re going to love!

2) Decorate the house

Nothing puts me in a festive mood like putting up the decorations; I love all the pretty fairy lights and especially decorating the tree!

3) Make gingerbread

Everything about gingerbread screams Christmas, they look amazing, they smell amazing and, best of all, they taste amazing. And they’re really fun to make so you’ve got nothing to lose!

4) Write your Christmas cards

I love writing Christmas cards, and personalising them for each person – I love to doodle and fill them with inside jokes, and I’ve bought some cute Christmas chocolates to put in them this year too, to make them extra special!

5) Drink hot chocolate by the fire

Hot chocolate is vital all year round but Christmas somehow makes it even more amazing! You also can’t beat sitting by the fire at the end of a long day, swaddled in blankets and watching I’m a celebrity

6) Christmas DIYs

I love a good DIY and Pinterest is always bursting with them around Christmas time! I have made a board of them over on my Pinterest account (find the link below!) and am also planning a blog post on some of the best and easiest!

7) Have a Christmas film movie marathon

There are so many great, feel-good movies to watch this time of year. Personally, I’m partial to a soppy Christmas romance – the more predictable, the better!

8) Break open the Quality Street!

Whether you prefer Heroes or Celebrations (personally, I think you can’t beat a green triangle) Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to scoff your face with chocolate!

9) Wrapping the presents!*

I love to get creative with the wrapping up – curling ribbon, tissue paper, and other wrapping essentials were among the first things I bought this year and I can’t wait to get creative!

*Christmas music in the background not compulsory but highly recommended

10) Party!!!

Christmas is definitely the time of year for dressing up and enjoying yourself! This doesn’t have to be anything major – it could just be you, a few friends, some candy canes and a date with Elf, but make the most of your free time!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas Bucket List… if you have any more ideas for things to do this festive season, let me know on insta @hannahbethblogs! Happy December everyone!


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