50 Facts About Me!

Sorry it’s not Christmassy today, but I wanted to tell you all a bit about myself and thought this would be a great way of doing it! You might know some of these already, and I’m not sure exactly how relevant to anything these will be (can I even think of 50 things to say about myself…) so let’s just dive right in to the post, shall we?

  1. My name is Hannah Elizabeth
  2. I am 15 years old
  3. My birthday is in just over a month
  4. In 9 days I will be travelling to Berlin to spend Christmas with friends
  5. I take German and French for GCSE
  6. I would like to also take them for A Level
  7. I play bassoon
  8. I have 2 dogs
  9. I love dressing up my dog in Christmas jumpers (don’t worry, she loves it too!)
  10. I am from England
  11. I will be taking 11 GCSEs next May/June
  12. I took GCSE RS last year and was one mark off an A* (do you know how frustrating that one mark it?!?!)
  13. I love chocolate
  14. My favourite chocolate is Toblerone
  15. I also love malteasers and magic stars
  16. My bedroom has a copper theme
  17. My family has a tradition that every year my brother and I are given a new bauble for our tree
  18. I am really really bad at art
  19. I used to swim 4 times a week
  20. I like baking
  21. And things that smell like winter
  22. But I’m not gonna talk about that in my blog post
  23. If you got that reference, you’re my new best friend
  24. I never have enough time to do any baking
  25. I love shopping
  26. I love Christmas
  27. I love make up and beauty products but think a lot of it is overpriced
  28. Cinderella is one of my favourite films ever
  29. I love Taylor Swift
  30. My favourite album at the moment is reputation
  31. My favourite song on reputation is I did something bad
  32. Next year I am lucky enough to have tickets to see both Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift in the space of 3 days
  33. I am rubbish at remembering to post on Instagram
  34. I’m a perfectionist (which is why I’m no good at art)
  35. My favourite TV show is Call the Midwife
  36. I also love the Apprentice
  37. I don’t watch any soaps
  38. I’m very disorganised
  39. When I have time, I love reading
  40. My favourite book series is the Selection by Kiera Cass
  41. I usually take 8-10 books with me on holiday
  42. Yesterday, I cut my finger on the sellotape wheel whilst wrapping presents
  43. I’m very clumsy
  44. I’ve been vegetarian for 3 years
  45. No, I don’t eat fish
  46. No, I don’t miss bacon/haribos/fried chicken
  47. Yes, I do miss Parmesan cheese
  48. I’d like to study law
  49. I hope my life will change the world for the better
  50. I love blogging!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading 50 completely random, (mostly) non-Christmassy things to celebrate day 6 of Blogmas!


Hannah Beth


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