New Year’s Resolutions: made to be broken?

Happy New Year everyone! I had such a busy 2017 and I can’t believe the 1st of January has rolled around again already! And we all know what that means… it’s resolution time.

One of my closest friends whatsapped me at 7 minutes past midnight this morning to ask if I have made a resolution this year and my answer was:

“Yes. I did. But now I can’t remember it. Maybe it should be to be less forgetful”

I was joking, of course, because the truth is I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about whether there’s anything I want to change about myself/my life. Because, even if there was something – and believe me, there are plenty of things – why does the fact that it’s a new year mean that finally I’m going to make this change happen?

The answer is, for me anyway, it doesn’t. I am no more likely to start running, or lose weight, or become more organised now, on January 1st, than I am on the 26th of July (especially not the lose weight one, seeings as I have an enormous supply of chocolate left over from Christmas which it would just be rude not to eat).

And for the majority of people, New Year’s resolutions don’t last for much longer than a few days. It’s come to the point where we are all very awareof the fact that they will be broken – and maybe they’re made to be. Maybe they’re the opportunity we all need to realise that, actually, our life isn’t so bad after all, even though we do still eat unnecessary amounts of chocolate and are too disorganised to write our blog posts in advance (maybe that’s just me…). I’m not saying that going to bed an hour earlier, or spending less time on the internet isn’t going to improve your lifestyle, but if, after a week, you find out that that just doesn’t work for you, that’s fine too.

Of course, if you are one of those incredible human beings who has the willpower to stick to your resolutions, I applaud you, but that will never be me. For me, resolutions will always be a funny topic of conversation at a party (not that I go to many of those) or simply just wishful thinking.

Having said all that, if you do have any New Year’s resolutions, I would love to hear them, so please share them, either by commenting on this post or on my instagram (@hannahbethblogs)… if I were to make a resolution, mine would be to post more often!

Hope your 2018 is beautiful,

Hannah Beth


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