Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 review

Having (almost) finished my mock exams, I’ve spent a lot of my past few instagrams browsing the net for bargains and it was during one of these well-deserved retail therapy sessions that I stumbled across this gorgeous Make Up Revolution palette. I swear to you I almost cried. Recently I had been searching, to no avail, for a palette that would fulfil all of my eyeshadow needs and here I’d finally found it! And for just £5! I had to get it. And I did. But has it lived up to my expectations. Well, yes.

If you watched my “mini-haul” on instagram (@hannahbethblogs, hmu) you’ll have seen the gorgeous packaging (and of course, the packaging is the most important part) which looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. And, of course, the 32 gorgeous shades are an added bonus. I’ve heard such good things about makeup revolution as a brand and this palette definitely did not disappoint.

The palette contains a mixture of glitter and matte shades, mainly warm toned and very autumnal (which is great, as so is the majority of my wardrobe). All of the shades are well pigmented and very blend-able and there are very few that I can’t see myself using –  let’s be honest, there’s always at least one gaudy shade you know will never be used, but this palette doesn’t contain any of those! There are several rose gold tones, which have always been my favourite, and I’m very excited about the range of matte colours, which I have never tried before.

If I were to talk you through every single shade in the palette, we might be here for hours, but there are several shades worth mentioning.

The first is a white called statement which would make a perfect base for any look. I love using bases so it’s something I look for in any palette. To be honest there isn’t a single shade I wouldn’t use but my favourites have to be cardinalcrimson and hair down. For blending above the socket, I use kisses and to define, or use instead of eyeliner, blend is the darkest black I’ve ever seen.

Here are the swatches from the palette:

img_2307-1       img_2312-2img_2308-2img_2309-1


Overall, I absolutely love the Flawless4 palette. As you can see, the pigmentation is great and the shade range covers all bases (plus the names are mildly humerous); I can’t see myself needing any other palettes for a while. It’s also, of course, brilliant value for money, with 32 shades for £5, working out at just over 15 pence per shade. I literally couldn’t recommend this palette more. Buy yours here… I promise, you won’t regret it.

Lots of love,

Hannah Beth


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