What’s in the box: January Birchbox

Birchbox. Even the name sounds exciting, right? For ages I’ve promised myself that one day I’d treat myself to a subscription – just to test it out, see if it’s worth the hype. So, last week, when a particularly bad day happened to coincide with a promotion in which you’d get a free 2017 box when you ordered the January one, I said stuff it, I’m going to treat myself. And then soon realised that I’d have to wait a week for my treat to arrive. But it was worth it – the wait, and the hype.

A poll on my instagram, @hannahbethblogs (if you’re a frequent reader of my posts, you’ll notice that instagram polls are a repeat customer) told me that you guys wanted to read about each Birchbox in separate blog posts , so for this post I’ll be telling you what I received in the January box (the other post should go up on Friday if all goes according to plan, so keep an eye out for that if you enjoy this one!)

January’s box design was a collaboration with the “quirky British stationery brand” Ohh Deer, and my goodness its the cutest thing I ever did see. The box is themed  “Stand tall and be fabulous” and features – wait for it – pastel flamingos!!!?? Yes please!


January’s Birchbox

The first item is a full-size Lord & Berry concealer stick in the shade beige. I’ve got to be honest, I think that a concealer is a risky choice, and I’m not surprised they went for the generic shade. I have very skin and this shade at first seemed way too orange for me but, although the application was quite scratchy, it blended well, and will probably work for pinpoint concealing. Riddle me this though, readers… there were two of these in the box! Did everyone get two? Is it a mistake? Do I need both? I guess we’ll never know… (seriously though, if you got a Birchbox this Jan, lemme know if you got two because I’m V confused)


Lord & Berry Concealer Stick in Beige

The next product is the Paul & Joe Beauty Moisturising Foundation Primer S in 01 Dagree. I’ve never actually heard of this brand but I think really the first thing of note here is the very very small sample size – I’m not convinced this would last longer than a working week if you’re using it for every day make up. I’m always up for trying a new primer though, and using it on top of my usual Autograph moisturising primer today did indeed seem to make my foundation last longer, and the packaging is really really cute (and pink) so you can’t go wrong!


Paul & Joe Beauty Moistuising Foundation Primer S in 01 Dagree

The third item in the January Birchbox is the NUXE Prodigieux® Shower Oil. I’m sure this is a great product but I was slightly disappointed to receive it as I have the exact same product from my M&S beauty advent calendar, which I haven’t got around to trying yet. On the plus side, I guess, if I like it, I have two of them!


NUXE Prodigieux Shower Oil

I have a small confession regarding the next one – the Beaver Professional Daily Conditioning Spray. Maybe I was being slightly dense, but I’ve only just realised that it’s for your hair! The cute little bottle doesn’t say anything about hair, so I just assumed it was an innovative new facial moisturiser! (don’t worry, I hadn’t had a chance to test this theory!) Having figured out its actual use, though, I’m quite excited. I already use a similar product, which I have to get through my hairdresser as it is only available from the wholesalers, and this is the perfect travel size. It is supposed to detangle and condition, and when my hair is not straightened, it’s remarkably frizzy, so I’ll try anything to make it more manageable!


Beaver Professional Daily Conditioning Spray

The final product is something I’m quite excited about. It’s the Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover – its like a little pink cloth that is supposed to remove all types of makeup if you just add water. I haven’t tried it yet because I need to put it in the washing machine first, but I’ve been having some serious problems with removing my waterproof mascara at the moment so this will be a game-changer if it works!


Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover

The last thing in the box is the cutest sheet of Ohh Deer stickers – they’d be perfect for a bullet journal if you’re into that, or a bog-standard calendar if you’re not, and they’re definitely going to jazz up my posting schedule!

To conclude, I am really happy with the products I received in January’s box, and I shall definitely be treating myself to a Birchbox more often! I’d love to know in the comments what you got in your box this month, and what you think about the design! Remember as well to check back on Friday to find out what was in the 2017 box!

See you then,

Hannah Beth ❤


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