Another Birchbox unboxing!

Guess who’s back, back again? Birchbox is back, tell a friend… I’m assuming if you’re here, you have probably already read Monday’s post about what was in my January Birchbox and now you’re back for more unboxing excitement! If you missed it however, never fear, you can read it here (haha, that rhymed!). As I explained in aforementioned blog post, I treated myself this month, to not just one Birchbox, but two! Earlier in the week, I let you know what came in the January box, but now it’s time for the exciting bit – the bonus box! Well, drum roll please, the 2017 box I received was… September! Wooo! Jokes aside, I did a little excited dance when I opened it because September’s box was designed in collaboration with Oliver Bonas, and my goodness do I love a bit of Oliver Bonas.

Again, Birchbox have pulled it out of the bag (or should I say box?! Haha, I’m so funny, I know) on the design front. It’s very Oliver Bonas, with colourful geometric shapes on a white background, themed “Work hard, play hard and be kind” and I’m definitely here for it.

In terms of contents, I was absolutely not disappointed. In fact, my excitement dance definitely continued. The first product is the Polaar IcyMagic Eye Contour Energiser. I really really struggle with dark circles because I often struggle to sleep so this product got me very excited. Essentially its a little tube of roll on gel that is supposed to eliminate puffiness and dark circles and stimulate eyelash growth. Hell yes! Out of all the products in the box, this is the one I’ve been using the most, definitely the potential to become a holy grail!

Number 2 is Dr. PawPaw Original Clear Balm. Something I’ve loved about Birchbox is the opportunity to try new brands and products that you wouldn’t have usually chosen, and this is definitely one of them. The description sounds a bit gross, to be honest – the star ingredient is fermented pawpaw, which is apparently a fruit with naturally healing ingredients. Now anything fermented is not usually at the top of my to-try list, but this product actually sounds really cool… although also slightly vague. According to the leaflet is can be used for, well, anything. I’m not sure I’d usually consider using my lip balm to soothe sunburn or my moisturiser to smooth split ends, but I’ll give it a try.

The third product is a Manna Kadar full-size Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush, Highlighter, Eyeshadow. Yes, yes, YES! This is the kind of product I’ve been looking for! Again, it’s another brand I haven’t heard of before, but that isn’t putting me off. I’d say it’s a bit darker than any kind of highlighter I’d usually go for, and a bit too shimmery for a blush but this is definitely the kind of eyeshadow that I live for. I can’t wait to try this one!

Okay. Stop the press. THERE’S A BENEFIT PRODUCT IN HERE. Yes, you’re right, any normal, functioning human being probably wouldn’t be quite as excited about this, but would you believe that this particular anti-normal, usually non-functioning human being has never tried a Benefit product before?! As you’ll know if you read my Q&A post, Benefit is at the absolute top of my to-try list and has been for quite a while, so when I saw the They’re Real! Double the Lip in Pink Thrills I am not at all ashamed to admit that I screeched. Yes, this is everything I could’ve hoped for. Yes, this is my dream come true. Yes, I am a complete saddo and yes, I should stop now before I embarrass myself any further (okay, I know, the damage is already done). I haven’t used this yet because the tip is so perfect looking and I’m not quite ready but when I gather up the courage, I’ll let you know, probably via the medium of insta stories (@hannahbethblogs, go give me a follow)

Last but not least is a Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask. Firstly, the packaging is so cute! Secondly, it’s a pink clay mask. Question: why do pink clay masks always smell horrible? Having sensitive skin, I’m usually slightly dubious regarding face masks that haven’t been tried and tested by me, several times, without causing any kind of painful, scary-looking, bright red rash all over my face (genuine thing that has happened to me). I’ll give this a go, although the £39.90 price tag (for the full-sized product) is mildly intimidating, but I will 110% be doing a patch test this time!

And finally… stickers! Oliver Bonas stickers! Free Stationery! Oh, and a 15% off voucher that expired in October… Applause for Birchbox, please! Suprisingly, I won’t be using that but overall I have been so so so pleased with these Birchboxes, and although I have canceled my subscription – because I’m a student with no steady income who should definitely be saving what little money they have for university rather than spending it on beauty subscription boxes (cries, because that’s exactly what I want to be doing) – I am planning on treating myself again at some point in the future, probably when there is another irresistible offer on!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past couple of blogs, let me know if you want to see more things like this in the future!

LOBBL (apparently stands for Lots of Birchbox Love!)

Hannah Beth


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