Cheeky lil’ haul!

Who doesn’t love a cheeky haul? I don’t know about you, but they’re absolutely my favourite kind of post. I have found, though, that if I ever plan to do a haul post of my own for the blog, I almost always end up buying hardly anything. So basically, I had planned for this post to be slightly longer than it is – especially as I haven’t posted in a while – but of course, I ended up not buying that much. Having said that, I am very excited about what I did buy, so, let’s jump right in!

I’ve had a H&M voucher in my purse for absolutely ages and just haven’t been able to find anything whenever I’ve popped in. I’ve also been on the hunt for some dungarees for so long so I definitely hit the jackpot with my first purchase – these cute denim 3/4 length dungarees! They’re going to be so great for spring, and hopefully summer to, as they’re not as long as most of my jeans annnddd… they were only £19.99, down from £34.99. Unfortunately, they’re still full price online, but I’ll link them here anyway, just in case you would like to check them out.

The second thing I picked up in H&M, which I literally spotted on the sale rail on my way to the till, was a gorgeous burgundy polka dot skirt. I couldn’t find it online but I got mine for just £5 in store and think it’s so cute!

A quick side note, whilst we’re still on the subject of H&M; as I was searching for the shirt, I came across this jumper. I bought the same one in Berlin and have worn it SO much, it’s ADORABLE. So yeah, if you’re into that, check it out too, even though it’s not *technically* part of this haul.

We moved onto Primark next and although I didn’t find anything I wanted to buy, there are a couple of things worth mentioning. If you’re in the market for flip-flops (or ‘thongs’, as the Australians call them) then Primark is the place to be, 100%. They also have some great tshirts in there, and I’m planning on popping back sometime soon to pick up a couple.

Finally we hit up Superdrug – aka, love of my life – to fuel my makeup brush obsession specifically. They currently have 3 for 2 across ALL makeup stuff AND triple points if you’re a member so be sure to check that one out. I, of course, took full advantage of this offer and bought a few very exciting things.

I had popped in specifically to look for their much-hyped concealer but, as-per, they didn’t have many shades in stock so I missed out on that one again. Instead, I picked up their gorgeous “Golden Lights” Vivid Baked Highlighter for £3. It’s such good value – it doesn’t appear too pigmented at first but a little goes a long way. It’s an iridescent pinky-purple colour, which I didn’t expect from looking at the product but it’s absolutely perfect!

The next thing I picked up was also from Makeup Revolution – their new Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray. This was £5 for a 100ml bottle – I’ve never tried a setting spray before and I don’t use powder so I don’t know if this was a silly purchase but I am having issues with facial oils at the moment so I’m hoping that this will tackle that a bit. I couldn’t find it online, so I’m not really sure where it’s at in terms of availability but I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts on my instagram story.

My final purchase I just couldn’t resist. I know I have too many makeup brushes. I justify it because I only ever buy them on offer, and I do use them all… oh, and they do look very nice on my dressing table! So, against what my mum would call ‘my better judgement’, I bought an amazing limited edition EcoTools set that was an absolute bargain. It’s the Prepped for Change set, supporting Global Women’s Education in the Girl Project as part of their #MyTrueBeauty campaign. This particular set features 5 amazingly soft brushes and a mini brush cleaner (which I was in desperate need of as the one I ordered on Amazon 2 months ago never arrived.) Oh, and they’re cruelty free, and the entire set only cost £5.99! This particular one isn’t online but you can still get Eye am Courageous and Glow for It and based on my set I couldn’t recommend them more!

So, that concludes my mini haul – if you’ve tried any of these products then leave a comment to let me know what you thought and if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future then give this a like! I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time!

Hannah Beth


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