Darling Diva Candles Review + Discount!

Until very recently, I was a wax melt virgin. I’d always heard brilliant things about them, and if you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a good candle, so I don’t really know why it’s taken me so long to jump on the wax melt band wagon. So when the lovely Tori from Darling Diva Candles offered to send me some of her beautiful handmade melts, I couldn’t wait to try them!


I should point out that even though Tori was kind enough to send me the products featured in this post, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. The products arrived beautifully packaged, which you can see on my instagram (@HannahBethBlogs) under the “blogger mail” highlight. I had two scents to try out, in my gorgeous new heart- shaped oil burner: “BFF” which is a pink pepper scent with a twist of green mandarin and “Slumber Party” which helps you sleep and destress.


Darling Diva Wax Melts


Oil Burner









One thing I love about the melts is that they are made 100% of natural soy wax, and they’re vegan and cruelty free. Cruetly free especially is something that is very important to me and the fact that they are also vegan is definitely a good bonus! The melts themselves are all handmade in Derbyshire by Tori and are all paraben and toxin free. She has an amazing range of designer fragrances and has just launched her summer collection, so if you’re interested in those, make sure to have a look at the website here.

I absolutely fell in love with BFF; it’s extremely fragrant but not too overpowering and made my room smell absolutely heavenly. Honestly, if it were a perfume, it would definitely be a scent I’d buy and wear a lot. The melt itself lasted a lot longer than I expected it to, which is obviously great, although all of Darling Diva’s melts burn for over 6 hours.


I didn’t think that anything could beat the BFF wax melts but honestly Slumber Party blew me away. The scent is softer than BFF, not so intense. It’s slightly more floral and definitely lingers for much longer, making my room smell gorgeous. The scent itself is a creamy soft lavender with rich white florals – it’s quite a feminine scent but very delicate. This has definitely become a favourite of mine, so I’d definitely recommend you get this one here!

Tori has also been kind enough to give me a discount code for you to use if you’re interested in buying any of her wax melts or the gorgeous oil burner; if you quote “Hannah Beth” when you order, you can get your hands on a pack of melts for just £7 rather than the usual £8.50, and the burner for £6 rather than £10! Be sure to check out her shop here, as she also has an extensive range of stunning candles which can also be personalised to make amazing gifts! I hope you enjoy her products as much as I have!

Finally, I’d like to thank Tori again for being kind enough to send me her melts to review; I don’t have a bad word to say about them! My room still smells divine, and yours could too!

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Lots of love,

Hannah Beth ❤


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