Back to School Stationery Haul

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Stationery. Who doesn’t love it? I myself am most definitely a self confessed stationery addict. What better way to make school that little bit more interesting than having super cute pens, pretty lever arches and colourful notebooks? Here’s everything I’ve bought ready for sixth form.

1. Lever Arches


Wilko does the best lever arch files, and I bought these two a while ago because I just thought they were so cute! You can get them in store at wilko.

2. Dividers

I went a little bit mad for dividers this year. I picked up a packet of 3 sets of card dividers in the Whsmith’s clearance section for £1 thinking it would be enough for all of my folders. Then I found a packet of twenty plastic dividers (2 sets) in Sainsbury’s for just 60p and I had to pick these up because I thought that they’d be much more hard-wearing.

3. Academic Planners

img_5825    img_5895    img_5896    img_5824

I bought the first planner in Wilko for £3 because I really liked the layout of the pages, and the fact that you could select the date rather than it being dated, so fewer pages would be wasted, but I didn’t really like the design and was worried it was a bit flimsy so I was on the hunt for another one. I found this one in Poundland for – you guessed it – £1! and it is exactly what I wanted. It’s day to view, stylish and hardback, so it shouldn’t get ruined in my bag! It was also available in a sky blue, which I also loved, and a baby pink but this lilac was my favourite. You can pick it up in store at Poundland.

4. Pens










I needed some new pens and found these 3 in Poundland, again, for £1. I loved the colours and they’re really good pens, and comfortable to write with so I’m really happy with those. I’m planning to pick up another pack next time I’m in town.

5. Pins


I got a new pinboard from Tesco to go next to my desk so I needed some cute pins! I bought these from Wilko (do you see a theme emerging here?) because I thought they were gorgeous and fit really nicely with the colour scheme of my room, plus they were only £1.50 and come in a cute little jar. You can get them here.

6. Fineliners










The last thing I bought from poundland was this set of four fineliners. I’d been looking for some good fineliners and thought these were such good value; the colours are lovely and they’re really good quality, so I’m very happy with them. You can get them in Poundland for £1, or find them on amazon here* (slightly more expensive, but might be more convenient for you).

7. Pencil Case

I ordered this set of 4 pencil cases on Amazon (a bit excessive, I know) for just over £2 because I thought they were adorable. They haven’t arrived yet, so I’m not sure what the quality or size is like, but I’ll keep you updated on insta stories (@hannahbethblogs) and hopefully they’ll be perfect. You can find them here*.

8. Highlighters

I haven’t actually bought these (yet) because I don’t need new highlighters at the moment but as soon as I saw these Stabilo mini pastel highlighters, I knew I had to include them. They are honestly the cutest stationery item I’ve seen in my life, and are definitely going straight on my Christmas list. They’re available from most stationery shops but I’ll link some here.

So that’s all of the stationery that I’ve picked up this year ready for Sixth form. There are a couple of things still on my to-buy list – a stapler and a holepunch etc. If there’s anything stationery related that you’ve bought and loved recently, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to know! The final post in my Back to School mini series will be a Q&A about anything school related, so if you have any Qs for me to A, be sure to comment those as well, and follow to make sure you don’t miss the post.

Hope you have a lovely week!

Lots of love,

Hannah Beth


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