A definitive ranking of every series I’ve ever watched on Netflix

I’m sure I’m not the only person who spends an awful lot of my down time watching Netflix. I’d be the first to admit there are probably better things I could be doing with my time but I haven’t found them yet, which means that I’ve watched an awful lot of series. Seventeen to be exact. And I couldn’t think of anything to write for this week’s post, so (rather fittingly, whilst watching Netflix) I decided to rank them for you.

17. Insatiable

Literally, the worst thing I’ve ever watched. I’ll admit, I only got about 2 episodes in, but I’ve heard it doesn’t get any better. Not worth your time.

16. Riverdale

A lot of people love this one. The first season was really good, I was slightly obsessed. But as soon as season 2 began, all the good stuff seemed to go down the drain. I gave it a good run but eventually gave up.

15. Good Girls

This was definitely better than Insatiable and Riverdale but if I’m honest I’d forgotten what it was even called and I can’t say I’m burning with excitement for season 2. It has Mae Whitman in, and she’s from the DUFF which is basically my favourite teen rom-com ever so it can’t be that bad.

14. YOU

This was fine. Creepy, but fine. It should probably be higher up on the list but I only really finished it because I felt like I’d made a commitment. Also, it was pretty predictable. I didn’t love it to be honest and I can’t say I’ll watch for another season if and when there is one.

13. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This was also good, but supernatural isn’t really my thang and I thought some of it was a bit messy. And if Riverdale is anything to go by, it’s not going to get any better. Oh and also, I forgot to even include it in the first draft if this post, and I only watched it like 2 months ago so it really can’t have been that great.

12. Luther

I mentioned this in my January Favourites and I did actually quite like it. However, everyone dies, it’s pretty disturbing and the last series literally made absolutely no sense so that kind of ruined it a lil’ bit.

11. Death in Paradise

I love this one. It’s an all-time fave of mine. However, I found Humphrey really really annoying and he’s the main character in the seasons that are on Netflix. So that’s why it’s not higher on the list. Also, how many murders happen on this Island?! And people still visit?! Why is no one suspicious yet?! Maybe it’s cursed.

10. Suits

I watched Suits Spring last year when I was in the midst of revising for my exams and it was good but drags on for a looooonnnnnggggg time and I finally threw the towel in at the start of the latest season after Mike and Rachel left. I felt like, considering they’d been the main characters for literally 6 seasons, their storyline was tied up pretty messily. And then it got boring. I don’t know, if anyone is still watching, let me know if it gets any better.

9. Pretty Little Liars

This one’s a classic but everyone knows it went on far too long and the big reveal seemed like a bit of a copout rather than something that had been planned from the beginning. They should’ve quit whilst they were ahead.

8. Gossip Girl

Pretty much the same as PLL. Although, now I think about it, Selena and Dan made so little sense together I have no idea how it made it this far up on the list. Oh wait, I remember, Chair. Perfection. But seriously, who thought it was a good idea to give Dan a redemption arc?!

7. The Hookup Plan

One of my most recent viewings. A little different because – plot twist – it’s in French. Seriously though, I liked this one. It’s one of the only comedy series I’ve really wanted to stick with. I’d really recommend it – it’s funny, compelling and you can improve your French at the same time. Win/win situation if you ask me.

6. The Good Place

I’m definitely not the only one addicted to the Good Place. If it wasn’t for the mess that was season 2, or the fact that the episodes are only 20 minutes long, this would be even higher. I really like the new plotline they’re heading into and I’m kinda excited to see where it goes… although I’m not sure I can see how it’ll end, and I’m not sure they can either.

5. How to Get Away With Murder

I’m only on series 2 at the moment so, if Luther’s anything to go by, it might be too soon to judge. So far though, I appreciate the flawed characters even if the amount of murders these people are involved in is a tad ridiculous.

4. Sherlock

Honestly, I watched this one such a long time ago that I can’t really remember what went on at all but I do know it’s one of the best things I’ve ever watched and I really need to rewatch it and so do you. Although maybe not the last series.

3. Unforgotten

Yep, this one’s a good egg. Unlike the murderers. Cassie is a compelling character, the storylines are addictive and the ‘big reveal’ never disappoints. If you’re looking for a good murder mystery, this one is definitely the one for you, and it’s based around cold-cases, which mixes it up a bit. Add this one to the watch list.

2. The Sinner

This was so cleverly written and unbelievably creepy but I really appreciate the uniqueness of the premise of this series. Unlike the usual ‘whodunnit’ murder stories (see Death in Paradise, Unforgotten, Riverdale etc) or even the ‘let’s catch the serial killer’ (Luther, Sherlock), the Sinner follows a detective trying to establish the motive of an unlikely murderer. It was very compelling and I’d definitely recommend it.

1. Call the Midwife

Plot-twist of the century –  number one isn’t a murder mystery! Honestly though, is anyone even surprised at this point? Call the Midwife is a literal work of art. It doesn;t ever shy away from difficult, topical themes and yet still manages to feel like an overwhelmingly optimistic and upbeat show. If you haven’t watched it yet, we all know what you should be doing as soon as you’ve finished reading.

What’s your favourite Netflix series? Are there any you think I’ve misplaced? Which series should I watch next? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to give this post a like if you enjoyed it. I’ll see you next week for another Wednesday upload!


Hannah Beth ❤


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